Our Podcasting Friends

June 11, 2016
Hosted by Dave and Thom it's a Podcast covering films and music from the 1980's, a huge influence on Asiamania's format (we even stole their quiz when they stopped doing it)
Hosted by Tyler as he takes you on an adventure through every genre of Japanese music you can imagine (and not imagine)
Hosted by Stu, DRB and Mijmeister, Weekly pro wrestling chat on their podcast and weekly YouTube show with general chit chat
Hosted by Dits, Stabby, Adam and Fordie, This show show is mainly video game chat and runs about 3 hours on average (may contain farts and offensive accents)
Hosted by Thom (from 80's PictureHouse) and Chris, they review WCW PPVs starting from the beginning
Hosted by Dave (from 80's PictureHouse) Interviews with people in the entertainment industry and general chat