EP158 - CTHONIC “Takasago Army” {Pest Control Weekly}

January 22, 2017

Ben and Ray with an album review episode, we check out some screamy music, sorry but it was Ray's pick. other things on this episode: Ben starts Twin Peaks over again, Dustin Hoffman hams it up in Outbreak, Mad Max on BMX's in the 80's throwback Turbo Kid, Korean action thriller heist film The Thieves, Ben finishes Ash vs The Evil Dead, Ray has The Man in the High Castle, Passengers, Blair Witch and more to talk about. There's a song lyric quiz! Song of the week is "Legacy of the Seediq" from the featured album. TWITTER @asiamaniapod INSTAGRAM motleygunner84. Next episode is Ben and Freddy talking about Takashi Miike's The Great Yokai War


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