The BAM Cast/Die Cinema Die - EP5 Santa With Muscles

December 24, 2017

Special Christmas episode today, this episode was previousley released on The Rennaisance Men Podcast and Stu has been kind enough to let us re-upload it here, Be sure to subscribe to their new show The Antisocial Times Podcast. TWITTER @bam_cast @Justin_Knowles @asiamaniapod. Next week is BAM Cast EP6 Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies.


EP200 AKA The Last Ever Asiamania

December 19, 2017

She's all over red rover, I explain it all at the beginning, Justin is welcome to have the BAM Cast on here still. The song of the week is "The Last Song" by X Japan from the "Last Live"

Arigatou Gozaimasu - Ben


EP199 - The Berlin File

December 8, 2017

Ben and Freddy with a show for all you fine people, contact us EMAIL TWITTER @asiamaniapod INSTAGRAM motleygunner84. Song of the week is "Savior Never Cry" by Concerto Moon


EP198 - Animetal “Decade of the Bravehearts”

December 1, 2017

Ben and Ray with an album review episode also on this show some Stranger Things 2, South Korean films Secret Reunion and A Violent Prosecutor, Your Name, The Punisher series plus heaps more. Song of the week is "Galaxy Express 999" from the featured album. TWITTER @asiamaniapod INSTAGRAM motleygunner84 EMAIL US! , Next episode will be Ben and Freddy reviewing South Korean thriller The Berlin File