EP193 - An Australian Podcaster In England

September 26, 2017

Ben records IN PERSON with Thom Downie and Chris Lacey from the 80s PictureHouse, Show and Tell With Tunes and the Superbrawls podcasts for this super special episode where we recap Ben's week in Norwich. the last half an hour is Ben solo telling what he got up to after moving on from Norwich with the rest of his UK holiday. TWITTER @asiamaniapod @thomduk @lacey555666, checkout Ben's Instagram for all the best photos from the trip at instagram.com/motleygunner84. Song of the week is "God Save The Queen" by Motorhead


EP192 - The Road Home

September 8, 2017

Ben and Freddy with a movie review episode, some things covered are WWE Summerslam, Bone Tomahawk, KL Zombi, The Precipice Game, Final Fantasy 15, Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry and more. Song of the week is "If You Wanna Dance Tonight" by Toshiki Kadomatsu. TWITTER @asiamaniapod INSTAGRAM motleygunner84, Ben will be away for a couple weeks in the UK so there won't be any new episodes for a couple weeks.


The BAM Cast - EP2 Troll 2

September 1, 2017

Justin returns with episode 2 of The BAM Cast this time joined by Tara formerly 1 half of The Most Popular Girls On The Internet to talk about Troll 2. Song of the week is "It isn't easy being green" by Ray Charles. Contact on twitter @bam_cast @Justin_Knowles @Tara_Byt3 @asiamaniapod. Next weeks episode is Asiamania Ep192 with Ben and Freddy reviewing The Road Home.