EP184 - Inside Men

June 30, 2017

Finally reviewing a movie starringour boy Byung Hun-Lee! Ben and Freddy record together in person for just the 2nd time in what must be a couple of years. Ben isn't really drunk he's just pretending. TWITTER @asiamaniapod INSTAGRAM motleygunner84, song of the week is "Spring Rain" by Eun Ha-Lee


EP183 - Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

June 23, 2017

In this episode Ben is joined for the 1st time by podcasting legend Steve Ridley aka monkeychunkuk formerly of Sanctuary4Gamers, The MonkeyChunk Show and Audio Jerkoff. This is a much looser format show than usual and one of my favorite 2 or 3 episodes recorded, some of the things watched and played are: Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Rick and Morty, Liquid Television, Alien: Covenant, Stardew Valley, Mortal Kombat 1, 2 & 3, Zelda BOW. Song of the week is "Don't Look Back In Anger" by Oasis. TWITTER @asiamaniapod @mrmonkeychunk INSTAGRAM motleygunner84



June 16, 2017

Ben is joined once again by Chris Lacey from Superbrawls, Show And Tell With Tunes and Wrestling 20 Years Ago Podcast's. Some of the thing's covered this week are: WWE in Norwich, Alan Partridge, Gigs Chris has been to, the GLOW documentry, a Hong Kong film called "Three" and much more. TWITTER @asiamaniapod @Lacey555666 @superbrawls @STellwithtunes INSTAGRAM motleygunner84. Song's of the week are from the featured album "Sadistic Desire" and "I'll Kill You". Ben guested on episode 35 of Show And Tell With Tunes Podcast released last week so please check that out.


EP181 - The Man With The Golden Gun

June 9, 2017

In honor of Roger Moore's death Ben and Freddy decided to review one of his films that fill the Asiamania criteria, the song of the week is the movie's theme song sung by Lulu. TWITTER @asiamaniapod INSTAGRAM motleygunner84. Ben guested on episode 35 of Show And Tell With Tunes Podcast released the same day as this episode so please check that out.


EP180 - SHINee “FIVE”

June 2, 2017

Ben and Ray review some K-Pop and talk a lot about Twin Peaks as well as all the normal things, song of the week is "ABOAB" from the featured album. TWITTER @asiamaniapod INSTAGRAM motleygunner84