EP174 - Ghost In The Shell {Both of Them}

April 30, 2017

Way shorter than normal episode for Ben and Freddy's standard, this episode they check out the original and remake of Ghost in the Shell. Some other things covered are Danish/German war film Land of Mine, Flying High, Deadball, Lucky Stars, Metal Gear Solid V, Killzone: Shadowfall. Song of the week is he original Ghost in the Shell theme. TWITTER @asiamaniapod INSTAGRAM motleygunner84


EP173 - City Hunter

April 23, 2017

Ben and Freddy have a good time watching somewhat little known Jackie Chan movie City Hunter. Some other things on the show are: Samurai Gourmet, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Chongqing Hot Pot, Rick and Morty, Gantz:O and much more. Song of the week is "Gala Gala Happy" by Grasshopper. TWITTER @asiamaniapod INSTAGRAM motleygunner84


EP172 - ONE OK ROCK “Zankyo Reference” {Have You Been Checked?}

April 16, 2017

Ben and Ray have some Japanese Emo Rock that's pretty good, also on the show: WWE's Paige has some sex tapes leaked, Mass Effect Andromeda seems to be on fire, The People vs OJ Simpson, Loaded Weapon 1, The Mad Detective, A Perfect Getaway, Yakuza 0, The Order 1886, Southpaw Regional Wrestling, our WrestleMania predictions. TWITTER @asiamaniapod INSTAGRAM motleygunner84. Song of the week is "Re:Make" from the featured album. Next episode is Ben and Freddy reviewing Jackie Chan's City Hunter


EP171 Show Me Ya Dot Points #25

April 12, 2017

Mid-week podcast! Ben gets really mad at Dary, Spoilers ahead so time stamps for the films are GREEN ROOM 33:22, SPLIT 48:50, LOGAN 1:05:06. Song of the week is "When The Man Comes Around" by Johnny Cash. TWITTER @asiamaniapod @DaryVafder INSTAGRAM daryvafder, motleygunner84.


EP170 WrestleMania 33 Week Recap

April 7, 2017

It's that time of year again where Thom from 80s PictureHouse and SuperBrawls podcasts joins Ben to recap the whole week of WWE. Hall of Fame, NXT: Takeover Orlando, WrestleMania 33, RAW and Smackdown are all covered. Ray and Freddy also make an appearance to share their thoughts. Song of the week is "Greenlight" by Pit Bull. TWITTER @asiamaniapod @ThomDownie @superbrawls @80sPictureHouse


EP169 - Maid Cafe’s

April 2, 2017

April Fools for yesterdays episode! Ben and Sylvie back for their 2nd show together, bit more of a looser format this time as they try to get their groove for these episodes as they try their best to talk about Japanese Maid Cafe's. Song of the week is "Nippon Manju" by LADYBABY. TWITTER @asiamaniapod @Sylvie_says. All feedback for this episode is greatly appreciated. Next week is WrestleMania 33 week recap with Thom Downie from 80sPictureHouse and SuperBrawls podcasts.


EP168 - It’s A Wild One!

April 1, 2017

Ben and Freddy got together for a short facebook live show, it got weird...