EP144 - MIYAVI “Fire Bird” {Garbage Trash}

October 30, 2016

Ben and Ray have a music format show for you this week where Ben finally allows himself to Pick an album by Miyavi to review. Some of the things covered on this episode are: Kiss:The Second Coming, Man on High Heels, 13 Assassins, The Final Girls, Look Who's Back, UnReal Season 2, Everything Before Us, A Good Rain Knows, Jason Bourne, The Drop, The Pretender, Mannequin, Transpecos, Dues Ex: Mankind Divided and more. TWITTER @asiamaniapod songs of the week are "You Know It's Love" and "Afraid To Be Cool" from the featured album.


EP143 - Show Me Ya Dot Points #20 {A Million Ways To Die In The West}

October 26, 2016

Ben and Dary talk about new phones, headless ducklings, paying taxes, Rock of Ages live, a movie and we play celebrity heads TWITTER @asiamaniapod @DaryVafder song of the week is "The Last Cowboy Song" by The Highway Men, Next week Ben and Ray review the latest album by MIYAVI "Fire Bird"


EP142 - Show Me Ya Dot Points #19 {Halloweenish Special}

October 23, 2016

What's going on here? an episode released on the weekend for a change. Ben and Dary spoil these films so take note of the timestamps THE DRESSMAKER 13:10, GOODNIGHT MOMMY 29:40, CABIN IN THE WOODS 48:50.

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EP141 - Big Trouble In Little China {At Last}

October 19, 2016
Henry Swanson's my name and excitement's my game, it took crackerjack timing but long time listeners will know that Ben doesn't have any love for this film but also hasn't seen it for a very long time, how does he feel about it now though? Song of the week (fortnight?) is"Lo Pan Style" the parody of Gangnam Style TWITTER @asiamaniapod next episode is a Dot Points with Dary talking about decapitated ducklings, A Million Ways To Die In The West, Rock of Ages live and playing celebrity heads.

EP140 - The Iron Fisted Monk

October 5, 2016

Ben and Freddy have a shorter than normal episode for you this fortnight (woo less editing) we celebrated Freddy's 30th, talk about his upcoming trip to the US, some of the things covered on this episode are: Robotech, Rock Star, Spring Breakers, Turkey Shoot, Staying Alive, Tazza The Hidden Card, Lords of the fallin, some wrestling and ending with The Iron Fisted Monk. Song of the fortnight is "San Francisco" by Scott McKenzie TWITTER @asiamaniapod. on our next episode we finally do Big Trouble In Little China.