EP101 - An Uplifting Experience

April 27, 2016

Well the whole gang is here (for real this time) the episode starts with a phone call to test the recording quality which turned into Ben asking Dary all the questions we recieved and then she joins the rest of the crew via phone again later on. There is only a little bit of news, tv/movies, gaming and wrestling discussed before jumping into our Q&A. A huge thank you to everyone that sent questions, has messaged us, reviewed and said kind things to us, we love you all. Next weeks episode sees the return of Chris Gilloch from the pixelated photoghraphy podcast to have a good old chat with Ben and then the following week has Mijmeister from the Gameburst podcast to review the Korean horror film A Tale Of Two Sisters. Thank you Chris for our new artwork too, tweet us @asiamaniapod @DaryVafder


EP100 - Mega Ran “Black Materia” {A Couple Of Softies}

April 20, 2016

Episode 100 is finally here, The upcoming schedule is explained during the intro but this episode has David Bridge from The Renaissance Men Podcast joining Ben to review an American rap album telling the story of Final Fantasy 7, Some other things covered are Studio Ghibli's masterpiece Grave of the Fireflies, Axl Rose joining AC/DC, the Spanish film Marshland, Batman V Superman and much more. Song of the week is "Absolute" from the featured album, intro music is from soundcloud.com/tylerabstract, our twitters are @asiamaniapod @davidbridge1985 find DRB's music at davidrobertbridge.bandcamp.com


EP99 - WrestleMania 32 Weekend Review {Hard Times}

April 14, 2016

It's that time of year again where we go balls deep into wrestling talk, joining Ben for the 3rd WrestleMania in a row is Thom from The 80's PictureHouse and Superbrawls podcasts and this time his co host Chris from Superbrawls joins in for this 3 way dance Podcast team up supershow!!! EXCLUSIVE to this episode is NXT: Takeover Dallas, Superbrawls will have the Raw after Mania review EXCLUSIVELY over there so you will need to download both podcasts to get the full show and to see how creative our different editing styles are. We both cover WrestleMania and the Hall of Fame and Thom tells us his live experiences in Dallas drinking with "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash and having a BBQ with Terry Funk. This is probably my favorite episode I've ever recorded and hope you all enjoy it, and ca'nt wait to do it again next year. Follow @SuperBrawls @ThomDownie @lacey555666 @asiamaniapod and give our respective facebook pages a like. Song of the week is The Fabulous Freebirds theme "Bad Street USA" 


EP98 - Enter The Dragon {Sorry, Wrong Pocket}

April 6, 2016

Ben and Freddy review the all time classic Enter The Dragon, some other things on this episode are the martial arts film Hero (not the Jet Li one) The Mask, Flags of our Fathers (the companion movie Letters from Iwo Jima will be reviewed on an upcoming episode) Natural Born Killers, Fievel Goes West, Replacement Killers and more. Song of the week is "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas. Hope you had a great April Fools.


EP97 - No Main Movie {The Whole Gang Is Here}

April 1, 2016

For the 1st time in the history of the show we get all the hosts together for bit of a random chit chat, we hope you all enjoy it. Song of the week is "Sorry" by Justin Bieber.