EP96 - Yery Band “Romeo Manniquen” {Who Does Listen?}

March 30, 2016

Ben and Ray are back for another show, on this episode Ray tells us about his new job, Ben watches The Town, Expelled From Paradise, Kumiko The Treasure Hunter, Hara Kiri: Death Of A Samurai. Ray watches Penn And Tellar, 11:22:63, Hard Boiled and he finishes of Twin Peaks plus Fire Walk With Me. Ray has a 10 question Evil Dead quiz for Ben. Song of the week is "B-Boy" from the featured album, for more of the intro music go to soundcloud.com/tylerabstract. We hope you all enjoy the show and if you give us an iTunes review we will love you long time. 


EP95 - Kung Fu Killer {Meicrodon}

March 23, 2016

Ben is joined by Tina @spankeespangler from 60minuteswith Podcast and she picks the Donnie Yen film "Kung Fu Killer" to review, some of the other things on this episode are Spider-Man reveal in Civil War, We Are X trailer, Sanjuro, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl, Hunger Games 4, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, House of Cards, Lukes Kingdom and more. Song of the week is "Oriental Foul King" by Asian Chairshot


EP94 - JAMBINAI “Differance” {Nolte Is God}

March 16, 2016

Ben is joined by Tyler from the AbstractJapan Podcast and brings his eclectic choice of music to Asiamania with his album choice of "Differance" by Korean trio JAMBINAI. Also on this episode Mel Gibson's The Beaver, Interstellar (again) 3 music documentaries, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2. A little gaming, even less wrestling chat but Tyler botches a wrestlers name and of course we have the song lyric quiz. Please follow Tyler @abstractjapan and check out his podcast and also give his original music a listen on soundcloud.com/tylerabstract a little is included at the very beginning of this episode and will be on all future shows during the pre intro. See you next time and stay free. 


EP93 - Burgerkill “Venomous” {Who Let The Growler’s Out?}

March 9, 2016

Ben is Joined by Chris Lacey from the Superbrawls Podcast and brings a metalcore screamy album to review by Indonesian band Burgerkill, how will Ben handle this one? Some other things on this episode: Ben re watches the Japanese bloodfest Why Don't You Play In Hell? then follows it up with Nanking, A documentary about the real life bloodfest when Japan invaded China during WW2 and killed 200,000 people and raped over 20,000 women.On a lighter note we also watched Fuller House, Best in Show, The Dictator, Elementary, Batman:The Animated Series. Some games are Driveclub, Uncharted, EA UFC plus plenty more. Song of the week is "My Worst Enemy" from the featured album. twitter @asiamaniapod, follow Chris @lacey555666 and @superbrawls and listen to SuperBrawls too.


EP92 - Show Me Ya Dot Points #13 {Valentines Special}

March 2, 2016

Ben and Dary have the Valentines special but it's a bit late (blame her) the movies we watched were People Places Things (9:50) starring Jemaine Clement, Drinking Buddies (19:53) starring Olivia Wilde, Deadpool (28:54) and after that we have a couple of bonus movies. Song of the week is "Used To Love Her" by Guns n' Roses, there's extra content after the song so stick around for that. twitter @asiamaniapod @DaryVafder