The Renaissance Men Podcast - Mass Effect Special

February 24, 2016

Unfortunately I couldn't get a show together this week but the kind folk at The Renaissance Men Podcast were nice enough to allow me to upload the Mass Effect special I guested on back in June 2015 with DRB and fellow guest Katie from Lapsed Gamer Radio Podcast, Make sure to give their shows a listen, like on facebook and follow on twitter @renaissancepod @katieee120 @DavidBridge1985  Thanks guys - Ben


EP91 - Girls’ Generation “The Best” {Two Zero One Zero)

February 18, 2016

A day late but not a dollar short, Ben and Ray review some K-Pop, Fargo season 2 (spoilers 1:03:07 until 1:25:39) and the original movie plus Asian films: Kundo, Hide And Seek, Little Big Soldier plus some other random non Asian things. We also introduce our brand new original segment that The 80's PictureHouse might try to steal. And Ben gets a bit drunk, hope you all enjoy the show.


EP90 - The Last Samurai {Cool Hair Bro)

February 10, 2016

Ben and Freddy have a show here for you, the Asian movies talked about are the Indonesian/Japanese thriller Killers, John Woo's Hollywood debut Hard Target starring JCVD, The not as great as they say Ghost in the Shell (in Ben's opinion) Chinese comedy Lost in Thailand, Ben also gets through another 3 Tom Cruise movies (Oblivion, Mission Impossible 3 and Vanilla Sky) Freddy brings Rumble in the Bronx, Ichi The Killer, You Only Live Twice (it sorta counts as Asian) Goemon, The Mummy 3 plus his normal eclectic mix of foreign horror flicks. So yeah there's all that and more including a little bit of news, a quiz and our review of The Last Samurai. Song of the week is Bret Hart's "song" from WrestleMania The Album "Never Been A Right Time To Say Goodbye"


EP89 - The 80s Asian PictureHouse {It’s All Love Baby}

February 3, 2016

This week Ben decided to do his own episode based on The 80's PictureHouse Podcasts format as explained in the intro, Ben and Ray Review The Killer starring Chow Yun-Fat and directed by John Woo, X Japan's 2nd album "Blue Blood" and we induct the SEGA Master System into our newly opened Hall of Fame. We also do our normal news and quiz segments plus some more chatter, thanks to Thom and Dave from The 80's PictureHouse for being such good sports and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Song of the week is X Japan's "Unfinished"

Oh! I'm looking at you
can't control myself
nothing, but pain for me

wipe your tears from your eyes
just leave and forget me
no need to be hurt anymore

go away from me now
I don't know what is love?
no need to be hurt anymore

you said, "I miss you so much
everynight thinking of you
and facing loneliness"

But when you feel sadness
never can I stay with you

I'm not the one you need
close your eyes and forget me
there's nothing I can do anymore

I lost my way

I've been walking in the night of tears
there I found someone was holding you
as the night was falling down
with my love also vanished my vision of you

my heart is cold now

you said, "I need you always
everyday thinking of you
and living loneliness"

can't find my way