EP88 - Show Me Ya Dot Points #12 {Australia Day Special}

January 26, 2016

G'day mates, here's our bloody Aussie special released on Australia Day spoilers are on the show so check time stamps, yeah that bloody sheila Dary got her flamin wish. There's some earbashing at the start then get into the grouse He Died With A Felafel In His Hand at 6:44, the rip snorter of a true story with Red Dog at 22:10, the spiffy Strictly Ballroom at 31:55, Dating The Enemy starring the spunk Guy Pearce at 44:36. tweet us @asiamaniapod and @DaryVafder, if you could leave us an iTunes review that would be beaut. Hooroo


EP87 - Erotic Ghost Story {Island, Rising, Whatever}

January 20, 2016

Ben lifts his game and brings 5 Asian films to the show with Korean action adventure The Pirates, Singaporean comedy That's The Way I Like It, and Korean thrillers: Thirst, Midnight FM and Blood And Ties. Freddy also brings some Asian movies with Ip Man 1 & 2, Paprika, The Five Venoms and finally Once Upon A Time In Shanghai. We reflect on the deaths on Lemmy, David Bowie and Alan Rickman. How will Freddy handle watching Erotic Ghost Story considering all of the sexual content it has? Songs of the week are "China Girl" by David Bowie and "Bomber" by Motorhead.


EP86 - Jacky Danny “Jacky Danny” {Paradise City Lost}

January 13, 2016

Ben and Ray review the self titled album by Chinese rockers Jacky Danny and have plenty more things to talk about such as Ben's favourite films he watched in 2015, WWE wrestlers salaries being leaked, Fargo season 1, Chinese psychological horror Dumplings, weird Japanese action movie 009-1: The End Of The Beginning, the show on Netflix that everybody's banging on about Making A Murderer, Korean period action films Kundo and War Of The Arrows plus more. The songs of the week are "The Cowboys Ain't Dyin" and "Livin' My Life (And Breakin' Your Heart)" from the featured album. For the next episode Ben and Freddy will watch Erotic Ghost Story.


EP85 - Attack On Titan: Part 1 {We’re Home}

January 6, 2016

Ben and Freddy have both finished the Attack on Titan anime series and then review the rather shit live-action adaptation as our main movie this week, also on this episode we get close to the end of Ash Vs The Evil Dead, Freddy watches Asian films Dark Water, Branded To Kill and Come Drink With Me. We go pretty deep on Star Wars: The Force Awakens so if you want to avoid spoilers the time stamps are from 23:16 - 38:11. Song of the week is a "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman" parody of Attack on Titan" tweet us @asiamaniapod and Freddy wants you all to add him on Facebook, his real name is Gregory Airey. Next weeks episode will be with Ray and there will be some Fargo season 1 talk now that Ben has watched it, the album pick hasn't been confirmed at the time of writing this.