EP79 - Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends {Light of the Dead}

November 25, 2015

Ben & Freddy finish off the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy but did they drop the ball with this one? other asian things covered are: Sammo Hung's Eastern Condors, Studio Ghibli's The Cat Returns, Korean spy thriller The Commitment and Ben starts off the anime Attack on Titan plus loads of non Asian things too.

Ben starts Fallout 4, Freddy has a quiz, Ben will be on the upcoming The Renaissance Men Podcast to discuss WWE Survivor Series so please check that out.
Song of the week "Heartache" by ONE OK ROCK
Catch you on the flippity flop xx  

EP78 - Show Me Ya Dot Points #10 {Musical Special}

November 18, 2015

Ben and Dary spoil some movies although they aren't really plot heavy, this show is all over the place with us having shout outs part way into the episode and us giving a lesson on Aussie slang early on too before getting into the movies we watched. We start with Into The Woods, South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut at 42:30, Calamity Jane at 53:25 and finally Rock of Ages at 1:06:40. Enjoy, Share, and rock on party people xx we are @asiamaniapod and @DaryVafder


EP77 - Thee Out Mods “Rock N’ Roll Pirates” {Gonna Be Emotional}

November 11, 2015

Ben and Ray together for another album review this time a bit of Japanese punk, Ben's actually got some Asian film and TV to talk about such as Fated To Love You, The Divine Move and Flu. Non Asian things are talk of the Die Hard prequel, the hit new show UnReal, the Fargo TV series and more.

The 2 songs of the week are both from the featured album and they are titles "Treasure Island" and "It's Your Life"
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Love you all, talk later x

EP76 - Her, BABYMETAL & The Guard Post {2nd B’Day}

November 4, 2015

2 years have passed and we've managed to pick up a couple extra hosts and have many great listeners, Ben, Freddy, Dary and Ray are all on this episode to talk about all sorts of things, thank you to everybody who has ever listened, shared, liked or contacted us over the last 2 years we love you all.

This is easily our longest episode yet and hopefully you all enjoy it, please share it and we'll be back next week.
The full BABYMETAL song that gets played is called "Ijime Dame Zettai" and the actual song of the week is "Japanese Tears" by Denny Laine, it's a shit song but let us know what you think of it.
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