EP71 - The Admiral: Roaring Currents {Are You Ready For This?}

September 30, 2015

Ben and Freddy bring you a normal old school episode, Freddy has a plethora of movies so we don't have time for a quiz but it will be back next time, The main film is the awesome 2014 South Korean war film The Admiral: Roaring Currents. Song of the week is something from the Space Battleship Yamato record I got in Japan.

Itunes reviews please? that would be great, talk to you next week

EP70 - Show Me Ya Dot Points #8

September 23, 2015

Ben and Dary watch 3 movies and spoil them 1st up is Trainwreck then Dirty Harry 15:25 and Goon 25:35.

Song of the week is "Good Old Hockey Game" by Stompin Tom Corners.
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EP69 - Music Special #3

September 16, 2015

Sorry for missing a week but I'm now back from Japan and I bought some music with me, I got a bunch of 100yen singles by bands I didn't know plus an Evangelion album, In between songs is a audio I recorded on my phone while walking through Japan and recapping my days - Ben

The set list and time stamps are as follows: 00:51 Acid Black Cherry "少女の祈り III", 09:07 EllDorado "ヒエラルキー". 16:04 Lem "PRISM", 21:49 SCREW "CAVALCADE", 29:41 SCREW "FUGLY", 36:25 アンティック-珈琲店- "しく君らしく生まれたストーリーは始まってんだ~", 43:58 トモダチ "戦地メンタル・メッセンジャー。", 50:52 高橋洋子 "残酷な天使のテーゼ (10TH ANNIVERSARY VERSION)"

If you guys like this type of thing then check out Abstract Japan podcast

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EP68 - Cantoy “Kill” {Funnily Enough}

September 2, 2015

Something a bit different this time, Ray and Ben choose to review an album instead of a movie. Ben will be in Japan when this episode goes online so follow him on twitter @asiamaniapod or instagram -  motleygunner84