EP64 - Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno {No Germans}

July 30, 2015

Busy month at Asiamania with four episodes out in a few weeks, Freddy is back and chose the sequel to Rurouni Kenshin as our main film. Some other things talked about are Scandal, Robin B Hood, Dragon Eyes and a fair bit more. 

Song of the week is "Mighty Long Fall" by ONE OK ROCK
Make sure you listen to the end for extra content, contact us @asiamaniapod @DaryVafder

EP63 - Show Me Ya Dot Points #6

July 27, 2015

This is 1 of my favorite episodes I've done, a lot of laughs were had. This time on Dot Points Ben and Dary are joined by Preecy who makes his podcasting debut. movies watched and their time stamps if you're worried about spoilers Jaws 6:00, Terminator Genisys 16:15, Plan 9 From Outer Space 33:50, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory 45:20.

Hope you all like and please share, our twitters are @asiamaniapod @DaryVafder and Preecy's snapchat is Drksde and Ben's is motleygunner84.
Song of the week is "Alligator Ass" by Steven Seagal  

EP62 - No Main Movie {All This Kinda Stuff}

July 20, 2015

We had our 1st "lost episode" where skype recorder only got the 1st 10 minutes (Ray's audio quality improves after that) there was a lot of stitching together to try and get this episode to make sense, Thanks Ray for joining the show in a semi regular spot.

Things we talked about Ash Vs Evil Dead trailer, uniqlo sex tape, High Fidelity, Armor of God 2, Project A 2, The Warriors, Under Siege, Gargantia On The Verdous Planet, This War Of Mine, Kung Fu Killer, Rocket League and more.
Happy Birthday Dave you old bugger, have a great time in USA!
Song of the week "Polkamon" by Weird Al Yankovic

EP61 - No Main Movie {Ranty}

July 9, 2015

What do we talk about on this episode you ask? well we have a few news articles and with movies it's Big Hero 6, Wu Dang, King of Comedy. Key of Life, Legend of Korra, The Animatrix, Once Upon A Time In China 2, Black Rain.

Non Asian related things include: A Trip To The Moon, Jack Taylor, Maniac, Minions, Inside, Ted 2, Maggie, Timebomb, Terminator Genisys and more.
Music featured in this episode is by Air made for the originally silent 1902 film A Trip To The Moon, Song of the week is "Into The Red" by Miyavi.
Ben has another quiz for Freddy, let me know how well you do @asiamaniapod and Thom will you please watch Gachi Boy and review it on SuperBrawls? it's my favorite wrestling film although most are usually crap.