EP53 - Show Me Ya Dot Points #3

April 29, 2015

Ben and Dary have 4 movies to spoil for you.

From Dusk Till Dawn
The Notebook 6:40
Battle Royale 9:45
Furious Seven 17:35

EP52 - WrestleMania 31 Weekend {Plus Scummers & Scarecrows}

April 12, 2015

Thom from The 80's Picturehouse and Superbrawls podcasts returns to talk WrestleMania weekend again and we go off on some tangents too.

Find him on twitter @ThomDownie @superbrawls @80spicturehouse
and find me @asiamaniapod
Sorry I'm a bit sweary and drunk but I sober up by the end.

EP51 - Show Me Ya Dot Points #2

April 1, 2015

Ben and Dary return to talk about 4 more movies SPOILERS AHEAD so check the time stamps if you care.

The Giver is up first
Unfaithful 6:20
No Retreat No Surrender 11:07
Carrie (2013) 19:45
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