EP50 - Let’s Talk About Asian Things

March 7, 2015
We actually made it to episode 50! There were certainly a few times I felt like giving up but here we are, 
I interviewed 6 guests on 6 different subjects all something Asian related

1st up is Tyler @abstractjapan from the Abstract Japan Podcast to talk about Japanese 
music he can also be heard on the Shuffled podcast just do a search for Shuffled - cerebralpop.com

36:57 Chris @dastardlyjabby from the Same Coin podcast @tscoin to talk about Hardboiled

59:03 John @johnusmaximus from the @Monkeychunkshow podcast to talk about Takeshi's Castle

1:23:30 Thom @thomdownie from the @80spicturehouse and @superbrawls podcasts to talk about Chow-Yun Fat

1:38:27 Dave from @80spicturehouse and @60Minuteswith podcasts to talk about Hentai

2:05:13 Tina @spankeespangler who's occasionly on @80spicturehouse to talk about Acupuncture

Song of the week is "Black Star Oblivion" by Loudness which I've recorded off one of my vinyl records much in the style that Tyler would on Abstract Japan :-)

New logo by @crazyfruitbat, you all know who he is but contact him for all your graphic artist needs https://www.facebook.com/ChrisGillochPhotography

Thank you so much to all my guests that came on the show, you all rock!


EP49 - xtra

March 2, 2015

A little bit extra