EP44 - No Main Movie {Imagine}

December 21, 2014
Back again with lots of things to talk about including Mel Gibson's Edge Of Darkness, Arnie's Sabotage, The Towering Inferno, North Korea being wankers, The Sydney Siege, The Hateful Eight cast, CM Punk joins UFC, Bruce's Deadly Fingers, Pray For Death, The Kingdom Of Dreams And Madness, Titan Attacks, WWE TLC&S, WWE NXT R:Evolution, Sons Of Anarchy series finale spoiler chat at the end of the episode and more.

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Song of the week "10 Foot Cock And A Few Hundred Virgins" by Tim Minchin 

Bonus song of the week is "Come Join The Murder" by The White Buffalo and The Forest Rangers


EP43 - Black Mask {Got Milk?}

December 7, 2014

Some of the things talked about on this episode are: Robogeisha, The Raid 2, Interstellar, 3 Days To Kill, John Wick, 22 Jump Street, Sons Of Anarchy, South Park, GTA 5, Akiba's Trip, Killzone: Shadowfall and much much more.

Our Main Film is Black Mask starring Jet Li (as requested by Junazell)
Song of the week is "Far And Away" by DJ Krush
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