EP36 - Hachiko Monogatari {$9.99!}

August 21, 2014

Ben and Freddy are joined again by the one and only Chris Gilloch from www.pixelatedphotographer.com/ and former S4G co host.

Some of the things covered are Full Metal Jacket, Bioshock Infinite, Robin Williams, 47 Ronin, Studio Ghibli, Expendables 3, Suburban Commando, Lucy, Mr Nice Guy, Jackie Chan's First Strike, Ben Gives a quick review on the WWE Network.

The featured movie is Hachiko Monogatari .




EP35 - The Crow & Showdown In Little Tokyo {You Got Me Dead Bang}

August 3, 2014
Some things on this episode are: 

Californication, Island Of Fire, Pulp Fiction, Sailormoon Crystal, Bodyguard, Twin Peaks, Black Bullet, Hell On Wheels, Cross Bones, vhs 2, Universal Soldier Day Of Reckoning, Metropolis, Dune, Lawrence Of Arabia. 
The featured movies are The Crow and Showdown In Little Tokyo.

For all your Japanese wrestling needs go to new.ivpvideos2.com

Song Of The Week is "Big Empty" by Stone Temple Pilots

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