EP34 - No Main Movie {Ch Ch Changes}

July 20, 2014
Freddy makes his return to the show which is now out twice a month instead of every Sunday.
Some things talked about are Californication, Jurassic Park, Beyond The Mat, Wrestling With Shadows, Gundam Build Fighters, Knights Of Sidonia, Legend Of Lagaia, Octodad, Trine 2, Invitaion Only, Transformers 4 and more.
Song of the week is "Crashday" by Crash
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EP33 - The Street Fighters Last Revenge {Good And Evil Inc}

July 6, 2014
Ben is joined again by Adam from www.adventurousadam.com

Some things covered are The Book Thief, Game Of Thrones (no spoilers) A Better Tomorrow, My Wife Is 18, My Sassy Hubby. Movie of the week is The Street Fighter's Last Revenge. Song of the week is "Art of life" by X Japan 

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